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Assorted Assignments

Fall 2022

During the fall 2022 semester, I took a marketing and data visualization class and a copywriting and art direction class. Over the semester, we had many assignments to show our understanding of each concept in both classes. These assignments included different charts, copywriting, and layout design.

These projects use the Associated Press (AP) writing style.

Magazine ad for UNICEF's gender equality, with Taylor Swift's red scarf.

Copywriting and Art Direction - Iconic Clothing Magazine Ad

Taylor Swift x UNICEF, "Red" scarf.

rolling stone ad.png

Copywriting and Art Direction - Celebrity Endorsement Magazine Ad

Bastille x Blue Bonkur sunglasses (a fake brand), for Rolling Stone.

Bar chart about the longest running broadway shows.
timeline 3.png

Marketing and Data Visualization - Timeline

Bastille's feature album releases.

pie chart.png

Marketing and Data Visualization - Pie Chart

Reddit's favorite Batman-Family Characters.

Marketing and Data Visualization - Bar Chart

Longest-running Broadway shows.

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